Holidays are upon us

This holiday season is quite different than many other years, in the sense that we will not be seeing friends and family as we usually would this time of year. Instead, we are spending much more time inside our homes with our immediate families. So why not gather the entire family around the table and do some fun crafts together?

Durazza Shopping would like to introduce a couple of crafts that are perfect for this time of year and for multiple people to do. These are our most popular holiday products: DIY Christmas Ornament Diamond Paintings!

These diamond paintings are fun for everyone. We have two different kits: Red & White Holiday Ornament Pack & Colored Christmas Ornament Pack. A normal pack includes ten ornaments/ gift tags, a pen, clay, and resin diamonds. The resin diamonds are 5D, which means there are five edges to the diamond and that gives the painting a beautiful shine when lights hit it. You will be surprised how cute these ornaments are when finished. They help bring a little life to any Christmas tree. If you are still interested in these but do not wish to use them as an ornament they can also be used as gift tags. Simply flip them over and write who it is to and from on it.

Below is a video of me putting together one of the ornaments to give you a quick glimpse into what it is like. Stay tuned and we will show you the final results after we put them on our personal Christmas tree. Hope you enjoy

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