This kit contains a snowman, present, wreath, ornament, bells and a gingerbread man sticker. 


DIY craft for beginners, Children, or anyone looking to bring a little creative flair to their life. It is a perfect way to bring the family together for a night in to welcome the Holiday season.


Do not use for Children 3 or younger. Best recommended for Children 6+ 


Click Here to see a video of the product. 

DIY Holiday Season Diamond Painting Sticker Kit

  • Look at the stickers and take note of the different numbers/symbols.

    Look at the packaging for the diamonds and you will see numbers/symbols that match the stickers.

    Take drill-pen and push into clay cement.

    Then take drill-pen and push tip onto a diamond.

    After the diamond is attached to pen push that same diamond onto the sticker on the corresponding number/symbol.

    Keep repeating until the sticker is finished.

    When done take the sticker and apply to any place you want to decorate (pen/pencil case, notebooks, tissue boxes, ect).


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