Luminous Wall Stickers Glow In The Dark Dandelion Girl Wall Sticker for Bedroom Living room Decorative Stickers 


The girl is about 5.5" tall and 7 inch long. each flower differs in size but the smallest is 1 inch long and the tallest is 2 inch long.


Personally I think this is an adorable sticker to place on the edge of a shelf, so it looks as if she is sitting on the edge blowing flowers away from her. It gives a subtle glow to any room it is placed.



 19 flowers and 1 girl sticker

Glow In The Dark Dandelion Girl Wall Sticker

    • Choose a smooth, clean, and dry surface. The surface can be wood, plastic, glass, paint, or tile. 
    • Clean the surface for easier application
    •  Peel the stickers from the sheet one at a time
    • Position the adhesive on the surface without pressure to allow for repositioning.
    • When the sticker is lined up press firmly to adhere the sticker to the surface while watching for air bubbles. Slowly smooth the sticker moving towards the ends to push air bubbles out.
    • For small bubbles that may still show, take a needle to bore them.
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