This diamond painting kit is canvas only, no frame included. It is a small full drill with round diamonds. The picture has a light blue background and a cute panda face. 


This is a great kit to be used as an educational brain activity for children. It teaches them patience and how to match and apply one object to its corresponding spot. 


DIY craft for beginners, Children, or anyone looking to bring a little creative flair to their life. To do with a friend or parent make sure you check out our extra diamond painting drill pen. Each kit comes with only 1 drill pen.


Do not use for Children 3 or younger. Best recommended for Children 6+



Canvas Diamond Painting  15*15 cm

Colored Diamonds

1 Drill Pen



Panda Diamond Painting Kit for kids NO Frame, 5D Full, 15*15 cm

  • Look at the canvas and take note of the different numbers/symbols.

    Look at the packaging for the diamonds and you will see numbers/symbols that match the framed canvas.

    Take drill-pen and push into wax.

    Then take drill-pen and push tip onto the rounded tip of the diamond.

    After the diamond is attached to pen push that same diamond onto the sticker on the corresponding number/symbol.

    Keep repeating until the diamond painting is finished. 

    Then hang anywhere and Enjoy

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