This snowman diamond painting bookmark kit shows a upclose picture of a happy and cheerful snowman. The snowman is wearing a large black cap with a flower a top his head. His scarf is made up of deep red with a matching flower. The bookmark represents winter, the holidays and even many Christmas movies.


These diamond painting kits are great for book lovers and anyone that wants to use their creative brain.  * Please note this is not a finished product it is a do it yourself kit*.


These diamond painting kits make the perfect gift for anytime of the year. 

Included in Kit:

Leather Bookmark

Size is - 21*6 cm or 8.27 x 2.36 in


Colored Diamonds

Drill Pen



Snowman DIY Bookmark Diamond Painting Kit

  • Unpack bag

    Take out painting

    Remove part of the cover on painting

    Choose a color to start with

    Poor that color into tray

    Use the pen and push it into the clay

    Take the pen and push onto diamond

    Place diamond onto corresponding letter, number or symbol

    • 5D- These paintings have drills (diamonds) that have five facets. Each facet reflects off the light falling on it, since 5D has more facets the reflected light will make the picture sparkle more. A five-faceted drill will give off a brighter, more glittery finish to the painting which will enhance the beauty of your very own diamond painting!
    • Partial Drill- Only certain areas of this painting has diamonds. Partial drills are used to emphasize part of an image. The diamonds are placed on areas of the painting to make it pop out from the rest of the bookmark.
    • Round Drill- The diamonds included in this kit have rounded edges vs. square edges. Round drills are good for anybody looking to try a diamond painting. They are typically easier to pick up and place onto the painting.
    • Package Includes 1 of each of the following- A resin diamonds that give your painting its sparkle, grooved plastic tray to help keep your diamonds sorted, a pen which is used by dipping it into the included clay. The clay sticks inside the pen to help pick up the diamonds in order to place on the adhesive leather bookmark.
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