Scratch Art has been around for years and it seems to never get old. It is a fun way to bring a person's imagination to life, in an expressive colorful way. Many people find as children they loved to do this type of art and as they grew up it stayed with them. So this type of art can be fun for children, beginners, adults, and the elderly.

Another thing scratch-art is good for is therapy. Many times, we get caught up in the world around us or experience a traumatic event that we cannot let go of; in those cases sitting down with a piece of paper and creating a beautiful art piece can help reduce those negative thoughts and feelings out of our minds and bodies.


This book contains four pictures of fireworks from around the world. The pictures are of the Eifel Tower with a red umbrella laying on the road, Big Ben in London with a red bus driving past, a street lamp outside of a building in Russia, and a building with a small window and a yellow Vespa outside of it. 


Included in Kit

4 Scratch Papers with prelined drawings

1 Wooden Stylus


Street Corner Rainbow Scratch Art Kit, Wooden Stylus Scraping Craft

  • Unwrap packaging 

    Take the wooden stylus and slowly scratch each line.

    **Do not put the stylus into your mouth. It may contain residue from the scratch paper**

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